This is a 60 second version (music only) of the music I created for the SSM Health Yikes Family spots. The 30 second version set to picture is found here.


Prior to hiring a house rock band fronted by Fred Armisen, Late Night with Seth Meyers was at one point shopping for big band style theme music. I was invited by NBC, along with several other composers, to submit a 60 second spec demo for consideration. 

I post this as an example of how I can write to spec. The creative specs NBC laid out for the music was as follows:

-Classic big band style music that swings and drives the viewer

-Should have a "Rat Pack" style coolness that sticks in your head

-Johnny Carson's Tonight Show theme (by Paul Anka) was cited as a reference in the right direction, though they didn't want something that sounded as dated

-Despite the above requirements, the music must have a "modern but simple vibe", yet not sound like a forced hybrid of disparate musical genres.

It was a challenging assignment, but a lot fun. Special thanks to Brian Cook, Andy Baker, John O'Reilly Junior and Kirk Garrison for their contributions to this recording. 



A sprinkling of jazz, Latin and Caribbean flavors edited for a 30 second spot. 

Peter Linn


Jazzy chords are set to a fast paced electronic beat and groovin’ bass line. A calm ethereal saxophone melody adds a seductlvely “smooth” flavor to the mix. Well suited to any project requiring an "after hours" vibe.